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DEIPARA Global Services (DGS) Ltd is a Company that excels in all spheres of ICT Services, Security Logistics, Consultancy, Trainings, Energy Supplies and General Contracts. This is accomplished by the injection of high-tech and comprehensive structures in our processes and services in accordance with the relevant laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The uniqueness of DGS Nig. Ltd is that its Directors and staff are committed to a Nigeria where most of the knowledge, training and experience that they offer have been accumulated. In addition, some of our key Staff have gained various knowledge abroad and our collaboration with our foreign Partners gives us an edge over our contemporaries, positioning us to render excellent professional services.

DGS Nig. Ltd knows and is grounded in the importance of using the highest technological advancement in its operations hence, our utmost resolve to remaining informed and up-to-date with technological advancements. The company offers a range of specialist ICT, security and logistics services in an ever demanding and sophisticated world that we live in. We work with specialists in allied fields such as Law, Finance, Security, Clearing Agents, Media, Telecommunications and a host of others. We cover your business environment and private life with our proactive approach in all situations. We are trained to provide adequate and prompt solutions.

Our Core Services

ICT Suppliers, Consultants and Trainers
Software Engineering and Programming.
Systems Analysis and Administration.
Computer Installations, Maintenance
General ICT Management.
Intercom and other telephony installations/needs.
Multimedia Development.
ICT Support.

Security Logistics, Supplies & Installations
High-tech Organized (Armed) Journey Management/Meet-and-Greet Services.
Installation of Security Systems; CCTV Surveillance, Anti-intruder alarm, Electro-fence, Fire Alarm
Facility Management/Surveillance.
Vulnerability, Risk/Threat Assessment.
Private and Corporate Investigations.
Vehicle/Heavy Duty Equipment Tracking and Usage Monitoring.
Uniformed Manned Guarding/VIP Protection Services.
Professional Cleaning Services (including Pest/Weed Control, fumigation.

Energy Services, Supplies and Installations
Solar/Inverter Supplies, Installations and Maintenance.
Electrical Power design, Wirings and Installations.
Petroleum products supplies and distribution.



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