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Good Deeds Are Means For Justification.

Good deeds goes unnoticed. Sometimes in life we do not know the effect of any singular act been done. Life is complicating! Do what you know best! Choose the right path and be courageous in very step you take. No act of kindness is a waste, help when it is necessary. If there is anything you can do within your power to save a soul, do not hesitate to do it. Be of good conduct, do not hurt people, be compassionate to people and be protective. These are acts of good deeds. Render selfless services when necessary. Service to humanity is like service to divinity. Service to humans is service to God.

Let Your Light Shine Before Others That They May See Your Good Deeds And Glorify Your Father In Heaven.

Mathew 5:16

Good deeds does wonders. Your act of kindness can be the means of liberation from tribulations, oppressions and danger. You never know the merit of your good deeds but know that it portraits goodness and its rewards comes in different forms. When an act of kindness is performed and it is not been acknowledged, forget about it, because your kindness will speak for you when the need arise.

Your good deeds can justify you when you find yourself in difficult situations.

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