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What we speak or say from our mouths have great effects on us.

Are you thinking about your life, the things you did wrong? Are you thinking how others are making it in life and you are not? Are you facing challenges or going through hardtimes that things seems not to work out well? Do people talk you down and you feel nothing good can come out of you? When going through all these you need not to feel bad about yourself or codemn your life, because doing so will completely destroy your dreams and ambitions in life. You were made by God with seed of greatness in you. The seed of greatness in you can not be unleash when you look down on yourself. Self condemnation depress you and devastate your life. Self condemnation makes your dreams becomes shattered, creating more impressions of negativity in your life or about your life.

Do Not Speak Negatively About Yourself.

No matter what conditions or challenges you are facing, d not speak ill of yourself. You need to stand firm and focus on what you can do best or work on your life style in order to bring out the glittery potential in you rather than condemning yourself and destroying your dreams. You can, yes you can! Speak good about yourself, feel good about yourself and know that something great or good can come out of you no matter your mistakes or conditions.



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